6th International Conference Energy & Meteorology: Abstract Submission

The New European Wind Atlas (NEWA) and web platform (769)

Jake Badger 1 , Ides Bauwens 2 , Julia Gottschall 3 , Neil Davis 1 , Jakob Mann 1
  1. Technical University of Denmark, Roskilde, ROSKILDE, Denmark
  2. Nazka Mapps, Hever
  3. IWES, Kassel, Germany

The New European Wind Atlas project has produced a vast amount of measurement data and modelling data. For the long-term success of the project, we have addressed how to serve best this data for the research community and for end-users. This presentation focuses on the provision, via a web interface, of the datasets to atlas end-users with different user-profiles. For example, with different levels of detail for wind resource data and with different needs in relation to associated variables relating to the meteorology or topographical datasets. Novel and intuitive ways of navigating the wind resource data and associated fields will be demonstrated in the form of user story cases studies: ranging from the wind farm developer, the energy policy analysis, to the high school student project. The presentation will describe the visualizations and analysis tools and download capabilities of the web interface. The web interface is a free open application accessible for all. The available datasets include, among many other variables: wind speed distributions, mean power densities, surface elevations and roughnesses, air temperatures, turbulence and stability data, boundary-layer heights, uncertainty and predictability. The web interface has been built with the highest attention towards user experience and accessibility and is accessible on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.